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Join the club!

Download our application form as a PDF and send it by post or e-mail to

Our value-for-money annual fees

If you join the tennis department as a first member after 31 May, reduced fees apply as follows:
June: 4/5 of the annual fee; July: 3/5 of the annual fee; August: 2/5 of the annual fee; September: 1/5 of the annual fee.

Proof of studies and vocational training must be submitted by 31 March of each year.

The 3rd child is free if both parents are active members.

Second membership is only possible in case of a full membership in another tennis or hockey club.

Guest tickets for tennis are available at € 10 per guest / day

* All active members from the age of 14 must perform two hours of work for the club per year. This usually involves tasks such as putting up or taking down the nets and tennis court wind screens, sweeping leaves etc. Failure to carry out this work results in a charge of € 15 per hour.

Membership application

Please download the application form and post it to our address or send it by e-mail to

Termination of membership

Voluntary resignation must be made at the end of the calendar year subject to three months’ notice (§9 of the club articles of association).