Hockey for newcomers and skilled players

Hockey enjoys a great tradition at HTHC. The first team played in 1892 and within 5 years succeeded in reaching the German “Jolly Hockey Sticks” Cup final. The summer season runs from March to Oktober, winterseason from Oktober – March and there are teams at all levels. There is even a “vintage” team for parents and ex-hockey players who are interested in rekindling their passion. You can simply join in the teams’ regular training sessions.


Contact Coach Simon Thür
+49 176 80753330

Contact sports manager Niklas Zielke
+49 157 75224130


Contact Coach Stefan Müller
 +49 170 303 9779

Contact captain Michelle Meister
+49 172 4833121


Contact Youth Secretary Debbie Höfling

Contact sports manager Niklas Zielke
+49 157 75224130

Hockey Committee

first chairperson hockey Daniel Thür

sports manager Niklas Zielke

youth secretary Debbie Höfling

Summer training sessions

tuesday and thursday 20:00 – 22:00h



hockey pitch Höchster THC 1899
Grasmückenweg 10,
65929 Frankfurt am Main